KISS Blooming Lily Lashes

Monday, July 25, 2016

KISS Blooming False Lashes are available at boots and superdrug both online and in stores for £6.75 per set.

Blooming Lash is a new range of lashes from the popular False Nail/Lash Brand KISS. There are three different lash styles in the Blooming range all of which have multi-angle technology for a more natural effect. I chose the Lily style lashes which are tapered at the ends and get longer towards the outer edges for a cat eye effect.

 One of the first things I noticed about these lashes was how thin the band is in comparison to other false eyelashes I have tried. When it comes to false eyelashes the thinner the band the better as a thinner band gives a more natural, undetectable look and makes the eyelashes much more lightweight and comfortable to wear.

I find these lashes much easier to apply than any other eyelashes I have tried from the likes of Eyelure. I also found that due to the thin band and general lightweight that they are able to stay on the eyes for a really long time without lifting at the edges.

Confession time - I wore these lashes on a night out, they lasted through drinking, dancing and were still on in the morning when I woke up which is a first for me (usually there would be one stuck to my forehead/chin/wherever it lands and the other one would be lost forever, probably in the place where all the hair grips go to die) but these were still on perfectly!

For £6.75 which is just slightly more expensive than other lashes on the market I think these are still a great deal and definitely worth the price.

If looked after correctly these lashes could be worn at least five times which would be around £1.35 per wear, which isn't too bad at all in my opinion.

I would definitely recommend these lashes to anyone, I give them a rating of four out of five stars.

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