Sleek Cream Contour Kit In Light Review and Swatches

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Sleek Cream Contour Kit comes in a selection of three shades Light,Medium and Dark. I purchased the shade Light which consists of six pans of cream products in different shades.

Available to purchase for £10.99 from or at Boots and Superdrug in store and online.

On the back of the outside packaging Sleek say that the kit includes two highlighting shades and four contouring shades that 'work together to help you take your features to new dimensions'. 

In terms of packaging this palette is very true to the whole sleek packaging vibe which tends to be black,matte plastic very Nars-esque.

I do like the packaging as it is very Sleek - excuse the pun, it has a hinged mirror which is always fantastic for me as I can prop it on my desk and use it when applying my make-up. The one gripe I do have with not only this palette but all Sleek packaging is how easily it gets dirty, you only have to touch it once and it will be full of fingerprints which I find really annoying.

Obviously with all make-up it's inevitable that It will start to look grubby put I found it very disappointing how quickly it happens with Sleek make-up in particular.

The shades in the kit range start at shade 01 A light pale yellow shade which is perfect for highlighting under the eye area and on the forehead, then moving onto 02 which is a light pink toned flesh colour, 03 is very similar in shade to 02 although with more of a yellow undertone. 03 is one of the better shades in the palette in my opinion as I feel it would suit more skin tones with the warmer tones.

04 is a mid-toned tan colour which I feel is a big jump from the paleness of 03 and 02. I think the palette would be better overall if there was an in between of these two shades as opposed to the unrealistic pinkness of shade 02. 05 and 06 are both really nice neutral browns both on the mid tone side which is great for contouring on lighter skintones.

The consistency of the creams 

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